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Paleoartisans will continue to bring you the best quality t-shirts and artwork.  We are always working
on new projects and designs, and are always interested in our customers' opinions.  If you like our designs,
let us know!  If you have an idea for a design, mention it, and we'll try to get it made up.

We cannot make designs for everybody's favorite animal -- we would have a catalogue several
hundred pages long! -- but we do try to bring you the most notable animals.  And we are always
willing to do custom designs for your club, group, or organization.  (Go to our Wholesale Pricelist Page)

(All prices are $US funds)

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Design                                  Shirt Color            Size           Quantity            Price
_T.rex_______________               __ash_______           __M__          ____1_____            _ $ 15.00__  
_Reunite Gondwanaland_               Bumper Sticker            _____           ____1_  ___            __   3.00_ _
____________________               ___________             _____           __________            __________
____________________               ___________             _____           __________            __________

                                                                                          Shipping and Handling               $3.50__*
                                                                                                 Total          _ $21.50__

All prices are $US funds

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