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Wholesale Price List        (as of 11-27-05)

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Screen Costs for Custom Designs:    $40 for one color designs
                                                     $50 for two color designs

Design Fee for custom orders.  $150.  This one-time only fee per design includes time for creating the design, and for a contract between Paleoartisans and your group to insure that you have ownership of the design.  Samples of our Design Ownership Contract are available.

Printing Costs:  This is the cost to actually print your shirts.  The more shirts you order, the lower the cost.  Cost breakdown depends on the number of colours in the overall design.  Please inquire about printing costs for 3 or more colour designs.
        One Color Designs:    1-2 doz        $4.50/shirt
                                        2-4 doz        $3.15/shirt
                                        4-12 doz      $2.25/shirt

        Two Color Designs:   1-2 doz        $7.35/shirt
                                        2-4 doz        $5.25/shirt
                                        4-12 doz      $3.30/shirt

T-shirts costs:  This is the cost for the shirts themselves.  All of our shirts are Fruit of the Loom brand heavy cotton t-shirts, made from 100% cotton.  Shirt prices are determined by the colour of the shirt.  Neutral colours include white* and natural*.  Light colours include yellow*, light blue, stone, ash*, khaki, cornflower* (slightly darker than light blue), and sagestone*.  Dark colours include navy*, black*, red*, royal*, purple, kelly green*, and jade.  Youth sizes are also available in the colours marked with an asterisk (*).  Availability of these colours is for adult shirts sizes S-XL and youth sizes 2-4 (XS) to 14-16 (L).  Please inquire about prices for adult shirts larger than XL as not all colours are available in adult sizes larger than XL.  Long-sleeve shirts have a limited colour selection for both adult and youth sizes, so please inquire about your choice of colours. 
T-shirt costs:  (under 12 dozen)            Adult                Youth
                                  Neutral            $2.34/shirt        $2.18/shirt          $6.34/shirt
                                    Lights            $3.49/shirt        $2.91/shirt          $6.83/shirt
                                    Darks            $3.95/shirt        $3.31/shirt        $7.17/shirt

Sweatshirts  (50/50): 
There is a limited colour selection for sweatshirts, please inquire about availability.
                                  Neutral            $7.30/shirt
                                    Lights            $8.61/shirt
                                    Darks            $9.44/shirt

A standard order would involve adding the cost of the printing and the price of the shirt together to get a total price per shirt.  For example:
        1 color design on an adult light t-shirt:
                          Screen cost      Printing cost      Shirt Cost      Price per shirt    
        2 dozen      $40                  $4.50/shirt
         $3.49/shirt      $9.66/shirt          
        4 dozen      $40                  $3.15/shirt        $3.49/shirt      $7.47 /shirt
        6 dozen      $40                  $2.25/shirt        $3.49/shirt       $6.30/shirt

The same light colour shirt with a custom design created by Paleoartisans:
                         Screen cost    Design Fee      Printing cost      Shirt Cost      Price per shirt    
        2 dozen      $40                $150              $4.50/shirt
         $3.49/shirt      $15.91/shirt          
        4 dozen      $40                $150              $3.15/shirt        $3.49/shirt      $10.60 /shirt
        6 dozen      $40                $150              $2.25/shirt        $3.49/shirt      $8.38/shirt
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Bumper Stickers:

Paleoartisans also sells bumperstickers that can be used for a variety of purposes.  Our existing bumper sticker designs are available for wholesale purchases with a 50% discount off the regular price.  This is $1.50 per bumper sticker.  A minimum order of 50 stickers is required to receive this wholesale discount.  Contact us for other discounts if you want to order more than 50 stickers and less than 50.

Paleoartisans can also create a custom bumper sticker for your museum or club.  Boost interest in your museum with a unique bumper sticker than can be sold to museum patrons, or given as part of a membership package to new museum members.  The design cost for a bumper sticker is only $25.  The printing costs are $0.75 per sticker for quantities up to 250 bumper stickers.  Contact us for prices on larger orders.

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Activity Books:

The Dinosaur Learning Activity Book is available for wholesale purchase from Artemesia Publishing.  Artemesia Publishing offers discounts of 40% off the retail price for wholesale purchases.  The Dinosaur Learning Activity Book can also be purchased from Baker and Taylor for wholesale orders.  Please visit for more information about the Dinosaur Learning Activity Book.

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