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Shipping and Handling Table:

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Shipping and Handling Costs for U.S. and Canada:

First t-shirt                                         $3.50
Each additional t-shirt                         $1.00
First sweatshirt                                   $4.50
Each additional sweatshirt                   $2.00
Up to 2 bumperstickers                       $1.00   (bumpersticker S&H is free with the purchase of a t-shirt of any design,
Each additional bumpersticker             $0.50      please note that it is S&H that is free, not the bumpersticker)
First Activity book                              $2.50
Each additional Activity book               $1.00

International Shipping and Handling (Outside the U.S. and Canada)

First t-shirt or sweatshirt                      $8.00
Each additional t-shirt or sweatshirt       $2.00
Up to 2 bumperstickers                        $2.00
Each additional bumpersticker              $1.00
First Activity book                               $5.00
Each additional activity book                $2.00

Please make checks "Payable U.S. Funds" for international orders

Thank you!

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Tijeras, New Mexico  87059
tel#:  505-610-8533
fax#: 505-821-3479